A Late Iron Age helmet found near Canterbury


A rare prehistoric helmet has been unearthed on farmland outside Canterbury in October of 2012. The helmet, made of bronze and dating to the first century BC, was discovered by an amateur metal detectorist. No comparable Iron Age cremation burial using a helmet in this way is known from Britain and the helmet itself is unlikely to be of British origin. Further study, of the helmet, the brooch, the cremated remains and perhaps the area around the immediate find spot, is needed to try to refine the dating and character of this unusual discovery. It is tempting to place the helmet in the context of Caesar’s Gallic War, or indeed his expeditions to Kent in 55 and 54 BC. The helmet is of a type which could have been used by Caesar’s troops, or their indigenous allies and enemies.


Full story: http://www.canterburytrust.co.uk/trust-blog/late-iron-age-helmet/